rebranding, n.
1. Chiefly U.S. Esp. with regard to cattle: the action of branding with a hot iron for a second or subsequent time.2. Marketing. The application of a new brand identity to an existing product or service. Also in extended use. 
[5 January 2011. Starbucks]
The new, simple use of the logo is a natural evolution, in keeping with category leaders whose iconic symbols represent the brand without needing their names represented — as was done with the Nike swoosh, the Apple logo and the AT&T globe. Swapping the English language for a visual lingua franca should help Starbucks transcend its American heritage globally, freeing its internationally recognized icon to communicate the brand with clarity of identity.  - Craig Stout, Interbrand
I’ve heard people talk about how Sbux has gone over the proverbial business hill & in our new, recovering economy, is destined for decline. But I’m skeptical - after all, this is a business synonymous with not only coffee, but a certain level of economic cache & stigma of indulgence that transcends American business. As our national economy struggles back to life, Starbucks is shifting gears, introducing alcohol & true meals to their rosters at home while simultaneously - & a bit stealthily - expanding out to China & India. If anyone is ready for the new global economy (whatever that may be), you can bet it’s Starbucks, with a new version of the same pretty siren poised to open the door. 
Image via Starbucks. 
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