home school, n.
1. A school located in a private home; the fact of educating children, esp. one’s own, in the home.2. A residential school intended to provide a domestic atmosphere. Now rare.
[21 November 2010. Katharine Hannah. Canon EOS Digital Rebel. Blind Faith.]

Stereotype - Homeschoolers.Alot of people think that homeschoolers are antisocial, super smart, and very religious. That’s just a stereotype, the homeschoolers that I know are nothing like that.
Stereotype - Homeschoolers spend 17 hours of their day stuying, and the other seven praying.In reality - I spend alot of my day reading. Not because my mom makes me, just because I want to.
Stereotype - Their parents lock them in the basement for their entire lives to protect them from the evil outsiders.In reality - I spend alot of time walking around outside. I like nature. x)
Stereotype - Homeschoolers think that Harry Potter is the devil and Halloween is Him trying to get kids to sin.In reality - I don’t see what Halloween has to do with sinning. I freaking love candy. And dressing up.

When I tell people I’m homeschooled, usually the first thing they ask is how much of my time I spend on schoolwork. Then they ask if I have friends. Uh, yeah? Why wouldn’t I? I may be shy, but that’s not because of homeschooling. That’s just my personality.
Image via Katharine Hannah. 
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