owl, v.
1.  trans. in pass. App.: to be muddle-headed or blind, while appearing wise like an owl.2.  trans. To smuggle (wool or sheep) out of England. Cf. owling n. 2. rare (now hist.).3.  intr. colloq. To behave like an owl; esp. to go or prowl about at night. Now rare (chiefly U.S. regional in later use).4.  intr. U.S. regional. To imitate the hooting of an owl, esp. in order to discover the whereabouts of birds when hunting them. 

[4 January 2011. Emi Gennis. Ink on Bristol board. Savannah, GA.]
Night Owl is no fun to party with. 
Image courtesy of Emi Gennis (via Periodic Heroes).  
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